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Cranky? Tired? Worn out? Essential oils can improve your mood

Everyone hits a mental speedbump now and then. I call it Dis-ease. Many times, all it takes is a little pampering to get you back on the right track – and keep you there.

A new dōTERRA Mind & Mood package helps with the pampering by easing the discomforts of your mind and grounding you during difficult times.
Kristen Rzasa and I will host a 30-minute webinar at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 5, with information on how to get the most out of the essential oils that address Mind & Mood.

Earlier this month, Kristen and I discussed Immunity, and Relief Wellness programs. These three dōTERRA health packages, all offered now at a 25% discount, will arrive in your home with the just-right approaches to boost your immunity, soothe bumps and bruises, and put you on the right path to a happy mood.

The Mind & Mood Wellness Program contains powerful tools you can use to create an uplifting environment no matter what life throws your way. Countless benefits come from making natural products a part of your daily life and you can take these products internally, apply them on the outside of your body, or use them around your home. During the webinar, Kristen and I will guide you through usage of the oils and products and of course we will be available afterward to answer your questions by email.

Here is a sample of some of the Mind & Mood essential oils that will shake away the morning sleep, keep you going during the day, and soothe you at night:
Adaptiv Capsules — This blend of oils and botanicals, taken each morning as part of your wakeup routine, helps empower and encourage when adapting to stressful situations or acclimating to new surroundings.

Balance Grounding Blend — Massage one to two drops onto the bottoms of your feet to start the day and diffuse at home or in the office to set the tone for your afternoon.

Wild Orange — This is my favorite oil. The scent gets me going in the morning and wakes me up after lunch. I put one or two drops in a glass of water for a refreshing drink. Of course, I use it in my diffuser for a cheery aroma all day long. (And when my desk gets grimy, I mix 10 to 15 drops in a spray of water and vinegar and wipe down the surface.)

Black Spruce — Soothe any minor skin irritations with this forest-scented oil, and combine with Lavender to apply to tired joints.

Lavender — Lavender has many uses, especially when you are ready to relax. Place a drop in each corner of the shower before cleaning yourself or add to Epsom salts for a calming bath before bed. I use it with Cedarwood in the diffuser to wind down for the evening. And I add three to four drops to my warm rice heating pad for the back of my neck. Its calming scent combines with the warmth to relax those muscle knots.

Serenity Linen Mist — I like sleeping with my oils. Spritz some Linen Mist on your bedding each evening for a fresh and relaxing aroma that will help you sleep through the night.
These are just a few of the Mind & Mood products that will get you through the day feeling pretty good about yourself. Register for our webinar here. If you miss the live event, we will record it so you can watch later.
I’m looking forward to talking dōTERRA Essential Oils with you!


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