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June Thoughts

Dear Friend,


As we begin June, I’m called to take a moment for reflection on the year so far…so very different from what we thought would be happening when asked in 2015 “What will you be doing in 5 years?”


The whole world has been forced to stop and pause. Some have dealt with this better than others. There have been many losses, especially here in New England where I live. Many are dealing with the grief of losing loved ones, the pain of isolation and the reality of lack of work; some even wondering if they will have employment as we begin to open up our states again. Added to that we have the events of this past week have been particularly horrific.

I’m still numb and struggling with a response. To be honest, I’m almost paralyzed not knowing how to even proceed. Growing up a white male I know I’m operating from a seat of privilege. As kids my Mother instilled in us that all life is precious. I have spent my life with organizations like The Ridgefield Theater Barn whose mission can be distilled down to three words – Inclusion, Respect and Joy. In 1987 I spent a year travelling with Up With People which, as an organization, has always stood for peace, inclusion and equal rights for all. You may recall their song “What Color is God’s Skin?” Click here to listen This song has been in nearly every show since the late 60s including when I traveled in 1987-88.


LYRICS: “Good Night” I said to my little son So tired out when the day was done. Then he said, as I tucked him in, “Tell me, Daddy- What Color is God’s Skin?”


CHORUS What color is God’s skin? What color is God’s Skin? I said it’s black, brown, it’s yellow… it is red, it is white. Every one’s the same in the good Lord’s sight.


He looked at me with those shining eyes Well I knew that I could tell no lies When he said, “Daddy, why do the different races fight, if we’re the same in the good Lord’s sight?”


“Son, that’s part of our suffering past, But the whole human family is learning at last, That the thing we missed on the road we trod, was walking as the daughters and the sons of God”.

CHORUS What color is God’s skin? What color is God’s Skin? I said it’s black, brown, it’s yellow… it is red, it is white Every one’s the same in the good Lord’s sight.


As a world we have made such progress yet events like what have happened this past week show us that we still have a long way to go.


So, what have I done? I have leaned into my oils. I lean into the fruit oils to provide nourishment, change, growth, transformation and new beginnings. Using citrus oils to uplift and the dark fruits like Juniper berry and Black Pepper to facilitate looking into the darkness within to bring growth and harmony to life.


The leaf oils help to sharpen the mind, intellect and thoughts. Small leaf oils, like the herbs, help to narrow thought and focus especially for detailed tasks. Larger leaf oils like the Spruces, Firs and Eucalyptus help us to see the bigger picture. This is particularly needed right now.


I turn to the flower oils help me to open my heart to receive love and support from the world. Then, more importantly, to shine that love outward. They show us how to love ourselves and in turn each other. What stronger message could there for the times we are living in?


Oils that originate from the wood and bark of trees like Sandalwood, Cedarwood and Arborvitae are great for helping us to feel grounded, centered and secure. When we operate from that place, we can remain steady and able to help others without getting swept along with the tide.


Root oils like Ginger, Vetiver and Turmeric, help bring balance, stability and a renewed perspective on an inflamed issue. They help me to get that perspective that has been so elusive this week in particular.


Resins like Frankincense, Myrrh and Copaiba come from the life blood of the plant and help us to connect with our own life path in a deep way. They help to release what is destructive in our lives, offering regeneration and replenishment.


The seed oils like Cardamom, Celery and Fennel are great for helping us explore our full potential, to take the seed of an idea and then manifest it in the world.

Before starting to write this newsletter, I reached into my oil case and pulled out three oils to diffuse: Cardamom (seed), Cypress (big leaf), and Cananga (flower) oils. I chose them intuitively but looking at their properties they really fit what is happening now. Cardamom is an oil that can begin to transform the anger that I’m feeling right now in to a passion and help to find a positive outlet. I’m not sure what that is yet but I’m confident is will manifest soon. Cypress is known to work with grief and promote inner strength. Cananga, a milder cousin of Ylang Ylang, can help to carry away the worries of the world and reopen the door to love; just what we all need more of right now.


Now is a great time to sit quietly and diffuse your favorite doTERRA Essential Oil and to contemplate the multitude of blessings we have to be thankful for, look for the silver lining and feel the hope in the future.

I know one thing for sure, it’s because of people like you, that my doTERRA business is possible. You have given me a precious gift, and I hope you’ll give the gift of self-reflection to yourself.


I’m looking forward to the possibilities. Message me if you would like to join me on this journey. I’m currently looking for three key partners interested in making a difference as we move forward.


In December I was asked to choose a word to symbolize 2020, I chose Blossom. As we begin to emerge from our cocoons to the promise of rebirth there is great potential to be realized. Are you ready to become the butterfly? At the end of the month I will be relaunching my business and would love to have you join me for the fun and excitement.

​​​​​​​Peace and hugs,


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