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Open for massage on July 6th, with enhanced safety precautions

As I have made preparations to reopen my practice, I realized that when scheduling a massage, some expectations of social distancing remain rigid, while others undergo great change.

The state of Connecticut is allowing massage therapists to practice again, which is great news if you seek regular massage to maintain good health or you just need to work out a crick you picked up while weeding.

With massage, however, six feet of separation is not a thing. My hands will be on you as I do my job and, an hour later, you will feel limber and relaxed.

Be assured that I am taking several precautions to protect you against Covid-19 and make your massage the safest possible experience.

Even as we were all sheltering in place, I completed an eight-hour course on “Preventing Disease Transmission in a Massage Practice” as well as state Self-Certification, which recognizes adherence to Connecticut’s reopening requirements for Phase 2.

To meet the new guidelines, I rearranged my practice space to remove fabric-covered furniture and provide easier access to the bathroom.

The bathroom is reserved for client use only. Each client will be provided with a fresh hand towel for their personal use in the bathroom. The bathroom will be cleaned and sanitized between clients.

I ask all my clients to follow a few simple requirements:

· When you arrive for your appointment, please park in front of the single garage door. Text me that you have arrived, and I will open the garage door and you can pull in out of the sun or rain. I will come to greet you and take your temperature with an infra-red thermometer. We will then review and sign a Covid-19 related questionnaire.

· All clients are required to wear a mask when arriving at the premises and until leaving, unless you have a medical note to the contrary.

· Please sanitize your hands with the provided sanitizer before entering. Additional sanitizer is available at all client locations.

· All personal belongings should be brought into the treatment area and can be placed on the bench provided.

Face masks must remain in place except when face-down on the massage table. I will be using a “pillow hammock” so that you can remove your mask when face down. It takes a little getting used to, and I have found that it is easier not to chat with a mask on. However, you should not hesitate to communicate if you need to! I will wear a mask and also goggles while I conduct your massage. At this time massage of any part of the face is not allowed. As is standard practice for any “bodyworker,” as we are called, I wash my hands and arms thoroughly before and after each session.

If you are a new client, I will email an intake form that you can fill out and email back to me before your appointment. We will discuss your needs for the session when you arrive.

I am also introducing contactless payment via Venmo or Zelle for everyone. Clients are scheduled to allow for thorough cleaning and preparation between sessions. I also shower and put on a clean set of clothes before each client arrives.

I am looking forward to serving you again. Here is to our good health!


Open for massage on July 6th, with enhanced safety precautions
Open for massage on July 6th, with enhanced safety precautions

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