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What Is “Essential” about Essential Oils?

What Is “Essential” about Essential Oils?

Breathing is essential. Food and water are essential, as are sleep and rest. So what is “essential” about essential oils?

An essential oil such as lavender oil is created from the “essence” of the lavender plant. In other words, lavender oil represents the essence of odor and flavor as stored in the glands of the lavender plant. More than 3,000 varieties of aromatic essential oil compounds have been identified so far!

Essential oils are volatile compounds, which means that they change state easily – for example, from a liquid to a gas. This characteristic allows an essential oil to evaporate at room temperature and diffuse easily into the air, without leaving any stain or residue.

An essential oil may be made from one or even hundreds of compounds found in a plant’s essence. The oil is extracted from the plant often using steam distillation along with other methods.

How To Use Essential Oils

Using essential oils for medicinal and fragrance purposes is a very old practice dating back to ancient India, Persia and Egypt. For thousands of years, essential oils have been used for perfumes, soaps, flavorings and pharmaceuticals.

Today, essential oils are also used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications, either as a single oil or in complex blends.

At Wayne Leiss, we use 3 application methods in essential oil therapy:

Aromatic. The scent of an essential oil gets quickly absorbed by smell receptors and goes right to the brain. Depending on the essential oil chosen, the effect may be calming, uplifting or invigorating. A diffuser that uses water or cold air is ideal, but even putting a few drops in your palm and taking a deep breath will impart health benefits.

Topical. Applying essential oils topically, or directly on the skin, is very effective as these compounds easily penetrate the skin and stay in that local area. A light massage will increase the blood flow to the area and improve distribution. Adding the essential oil to a carrier oil will help moisturize the skin and slow evaporation. Release a few drops into a warm bath for both a topical and aromatic effect.

Internal. Many essential oils can be used as dietary supplements to help a variety of health conditions as well add flavoring and aromas to foods. Internal use is safe and effective with proper dosing according to label and professional guidelines.

Wayne Leiss uses dōTERRA essential oils exclusively in his coaching services. This firm, whose name means “gift of the earth,” produces therapeutic-grade essential oils and essential oil enhanced wellness products. Wayne enjoys sharing the benefits of these oils with individuals and classes, in home and office settings.

Let Us Show You How Essential Oils Can Enhance Your Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

Wayne Leiss, Certified Essential Oil Coach and Licensed Massage Therapist, uses essential oils and massage therapy to promote natural healing and balance. We are happy to see individuals and groups in our Danbury, CT location as well as in office settings. Please make an appointment at our website – our hours are very flexible to fit your schedule.


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