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Pathways to Discovery

Welcome to “Adventures in Discovery,” your gateway to a journey that nurtures mind, body, and spirit. Our workshops are a beacon for those seeking health, enlightenment, or a memorable time with friends.

Whether you seek personal growth or a shared adventure, our workshops are crafted for individual explorers and groups alike, promising a tailored experience that celebrates the greatest adventure: discovering yourself.

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For Adventurers

Adventures in Oils & Essential Oils for Men

Delve into the empowering world of essential oils for health maintenance and daily life enhancements.

Emotional Transformation with Essential Oils & Symphony of the Cells™

Experience the healing power of essential oils through targeted applications and techniques.

My Signature Class

A Brush with Alchemy: Unleashing Intention with Essential Oils and Paint

This signature class invites you on a creative journey to manifest your intentions through art, guided by Wayne Leiss. Explore your creativity, with each painting serving as a unique testament to your inner journey.

Adventures in Wellbeing

Hell Yes! Living in Your Flame and Not Your Wax

This workshop encourages you to ignite your life with passion and purpose. Discover your values, learn decision-making based on these core principles, and embrace opportunities that make you say “Hell Yes!” Move forward with clarity and intention, choosing to thrive thrive in your flame and not be mired in the wax.

Waking up Your Hands

In an era where touch is often limited, this workshop offers a unique way to reconnect with our tactile senses. Learn to awaken your hands and explore the world with renewed awareness, enhancing your connection to the physical world around you.

For Practitioners and Organizations

Tailored workshops for professionals and organizations offer strategies to integrate holistic health into your practice or workplace, fostering wellness, productivity, and a positive culture.

Seasonal and Customized Offerings

Engage in hands-on experiences with our seasonal DIY classes, crafting personalized essential oil products that celebrate the essence of the current season.

Embark on Your Adventure

Adventures in Connection invites you to explore workshops like “A Brush with Alchemy,” “Hell Yes! Living in Your Flame and Not Your Wax,” and “Waking up Your Hands,” each designed to offer a transformative journey into self-discovery and empowerment.

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