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A Symphony of Healing and Connection

“In our journey toward wellness, embracing the roots of our well-being is essential. True healing begins with understanding and addressing the underlying causes of our discomfort.”

― Inspired by Hippocrates

Embark on a Unique Healing Experience

At Adventures in Connection, we offer a holistic healing experience tailored to your unique needs. Certified in the therapeutic use of essential oils and educated in the Symphony of the Cells™, I bring a comprehensive approach to wellness.

Through a blend of massage modalities, dōTERRA Essential Oils, and specialized techniques, we craft a personalized journey to relaxation and holistic health.

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Our Philosophy

Beyond Traditional Healing

Adventures in Connection (AIC) embodies the belief that dis-ease often stems from a fundamental disconnection – from our bodies, our essence, and our life’s path. AIC is more than just a service; it’s a pathway to rediscovery. We empower men to forge a positive relationship with their inner selves through touch, oils, and transformative conversations, offering education on integrating essential oils into everyday life for sustained wellness.

Our range of services includes Swedish, Deep Tissue, Basic Reflexology, Chair Massage, Symphony of the Cells™ Applications, and Aromatherapy, each designed to support your journey toward a balanced life.

Hug Therapy

Hug therapy, while not as well-known as massage, also provides physical and mental benefits.
Much research, including in Psychology Today and the Harvard Medical School newsletter, testifies to the power of hugging as therapy. The website Mindbodygreen.com lists 10 benefits of mindful hugging. Among them are a boost in oxytocin and serotonin, an improvement in self-esteem, a strengthening of the immune system, and relaxation. Hugs interact with the skin, muscles and bone (not to mention your psyche) to create these physical and mental effects.
And, during this time of separation, hugging also increases the sense of social connection.

​I offer hug therapy in separate 30-minute sessions or as a 15-minute add-on to another service.

​My arms are open wide…I’m ready are you?

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Massage Therapy

Aches and pains often motivate people to seek massage as a therapy, and a good massage can quickly address a sore muscle after a day of physical work or a cranky neck caused by stress.
When you visit for the first time, you will complete a personal assessment of your goals, aches and pains, and activities. That information will become the basis of a custom treatment plan based on your specific needs. This will allow me to adjust individual treatments on a session-by-session basis.

The basis of my work is Swedish style massage. I incorporate Deep Tissue, Basic Reflexology, Trigger Point Therapy, and Heat Therapy, supported with stretching and essential oil treatments as needed.
Your plan will help you feel more relaxed, boost your immunity to illness, reduce stress and physical pain, and take ownership of your health moving forward.

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A Deep Dive into Essential Oils

Understanding and utilizing essential oils are pivotal in our healing practices. Whether you’re drawn to their historical significance or their natural healing properties, our education-focused approach ensures you harness their full potential. Through individual consultations, classes, and a personalized Vitality Assessment, we match you with oils that support your specific health concerns, teaching you the most effective application methods.

This personalized journey into essential oils is supported by ongoing education, ensuring these natural remedies become a cornerstone of your wellness routine.

Tailored Massage and Wellness Coaching

Our massage therapy goes beyond immediate relief, aiming for lasting wellness. Initial assessments capture your wellness goals, forming the foundation of a customized treatment plan that may include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Trigger Point Therapy, and Heat Therapy, complemented by essential oils. Our practice embraces the four levels of massage depth – Air, Hair, Skin, and Bone – to provide a comprehensive healing experience.

Each session is tailored to meet your evolving needs, designed to enhance relaxation, boost immunity, and alleviate stress and physical discomfort.

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What Sets Us Apart

With extensive travel and decades of corporate experience, I offer a unique perspective on self-connection and healing. Our collaborative approach not only addresses physical ailments but also fosters a deeper understanding of self, enhancing connections with the world around us.

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Journey with Us

Embrace the Healing Adventure, where each session is a step toward holistic wellness, deep self-connection, and a balanced, fulfilled life. Our doors and hearts are open – are you ready to embark on this journey of healing and discovery?

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