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Get Healthy Stay Healthy

Get Healthy Stay Healthy
Get Healthy Stay Healthy

Fads don’t help you stay healthy. New Year’s resolutions nearly always fail.

You may have the interest and the enthusiasm to create a new path for the future, but to keep going you need support, too. Here are three sources of support that I can recommend.

· Join me for a seminar on Thursday, Jan. 28, that will provide the inspiration and guidance for a healthier, happier version of you.

In the webinar, TLC For Your Immune System, Kristen Rzasa and I will explain how you can boost your immune system now, and then create a routine for preparation and prevention to stay healthy. We will offer information on simple steps you can take to improve your health and outlook, such as monitoring your breathing and increasing water intake. Of course, we will also discuss our favorite dōTERRA essential oils for natural support of your immune, respiratory and emotional systems. Please visit

to register.

· dōTERRA is starting a 21-Day Challenge that features a package of nutrition and health products designed to sustain you not just through the winter but for the rest of your life.

The Challenge includes oils that will brighten your mood during diminished winter daylight, boost your immune system, and ease the aches and pains of your new exercise routines. It also addresses nutrition, with products that allow you to more easily follow a healthy diet. Learn more and sign up for the dōTERRA 21-Day Challenge here.

· Before you begin The Challenge, which starts on Feb. 1, check out dōTERRA’s new line of nutrition products, which include a “Daily Habits” kit; a fiber supplement to help you add the recommended dose of fiber to your diet every day; and my favorite, dōTERRA Chocolate Protein. Everyone needs protein to power through the day. The chocolate is a bonus.

We all strive to be healthy in mind and body. Unlike a New Year’s resolution, however, I promise to continue with support, ideas and motivation long after the champagne has lost its fizz.


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