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More Doctors Use dōTERRA Oils in Traditional and Holistic Treatment

More Doctors Use dōTERRA Oils in Traditional and Holistic Treatment
More Doctors Use dōTERRA Oils in Traditional and Holistic Treatment

I know essential oils worked to improve my health. Now dōTERRA is working with doctors and insurers in a new cooperative model to bring these advantages to everyone.

dōTERRA has opened its first clinics that merge traditional, or “allopathic” medicine with holistic medicine to treat not only symptoms but also to get to the root cause of whatever makes patients sick.

The first Prime Meridian clinic opened in Utah, across from dōTERRA headquarters. And they are expanding across the country.

At every Prime Meridian office, a visit with a doctor will last at least 30 minutes. Each doctor will take only a certain number of patients to ensure the proper attention can be given to each. Treatment will focus on finding the best “integrative” solution for each patient, whether it is allopathic medicine or preventative and holistic. And every physician, administrator and employee is committed to provide treatments based on the best patient outcomes, not patient insurance coverage.

Just as important, the benefits of dōTERRA essential oils will be integrated, when appropriate, into treatment. At the same time, Prime Meridian researchers “are pushing the boundaries with extensive studies into the role that essential oils can play in delivering integrative care which seeks to provide improved healthcare globally.”

Compare all those qualities to your typical experience at a doctor’s office or walk-in clinic.

The work by Prime Meridian coincides with the recent announcement that BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York is now offering dōTERRA oils among the benefits that customers can purchase with their $250 wellness card. These developments make me hopeful that more insurance companies, and the medical industry as a whole, will increasingly see the benefits of essential oils.

I have been talking and writing about how dōTERRA oils have changed my life. Specifically, I have stopped taking the five pharmaceutical medicines that I had been prescribed for years. And I’ve never felt better.

I didn’t act rashly. I worked with my primary care doctor, improved my diet, started exercising, and applied the appropriate dōTERRA oils in the recommended doses and applications. Depending on what I needed and the oils’ properties, I diffused them into the air, ingested them, or applied them topically.

The evidence of my lifestyle changes and the beneficial effects of the oils convinced me to stop taking my blood pressure medicine last month. I’ll monitor my levels going forward, of course, and consult with my allopathic doctor. But it feels great to be free of the modern chemicals I had been putting into my body.

If you are ready to learn more about dōTERRA essential oils, which are pure and organic, please make an appointment at my website. Our hours are very flexible to fit your schedule. I’m looking forward to discussing how dōTERRA oils might help you.


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